Food Pantry STILL OPEN DURING COVID-19 Distancing!

We operate one of the larger food pantries in the Portland region, and we typically provide a variety of fresh vegetables, especially when in season, each week.  We typically also have breads and deserts.  Canned foods are available as well, but most people appreciate the fresh food. You don't have to live near our church to receive food.

Clothing Closet (Currently closed and not accepting donations due to COVID-19)

If you need clothing, chances are we can help you.  Our Clothing Closet includes shoes and clothing for all ages.  Quantity is limited based on family size, but we take care to provide clothing in good condition.  If you would like to donate to our closet, we are delighted to receive clothing that is clean, with no rips or tears or buttons missing. We have drop boxes next to our Community Services Building, located at 105 Allen Ave. (across the street from our church).  If you need a tax receipt, come during our regular hours on Mondays (4-6 P.M.) or call for other times that someone can assist you (207-797-4414).

Free Bible Study Guides Available Via WhatsApp or Phone during COVID-19 distancing

If you would like to study the Bible, we are a Discovery Center for the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast, and we offer Discover Bible Study Guides free of charge, as well as a variety of other Bible study courses.  Call us at 207-797-4414 for more information!